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Why choose our services?

OWBoost4You is the most reliable source for Overwatch 2 Boosting, period. We understand that reliability is the biggest concern for people who look for boosting services online and therefore we want you to feel the safest every time you use our services. This is why we decided to be the first Overwatch 2 Boosting website to offer a completely free streaming service of our work. We want to be transparent to our customers so they won’t have to worry about any misuse of their accounts. It means you will be able to watch the whole progress from the moment we first login to your account until the moment we complete your boost. This way you won’t have any worries about your account activity because everything will be transparent to you.

Apart from reliability, you will also find out how high skilled and professional our boosters are. By watching the stream you will learn a lot about the game and if you have any questions you can always ask our boosters directly. Our customers are our friends so don’t hesitate to ask anything!

Our Overwatch 2 Boosting Features

Professional Overwatch 2 Boosters

Our boosters are chosen through rigorous screening. All our boosters have to be top500 players with previous experience in boosting. We only choose trusted boosters who get the job done quickly and effectively. Rest assured that your account is in good hands!

Mandatory VPN Use

It is our top priority to keep your account safe. That’s why we require all our Overwatch 2 boosters to use VPN and get a unique IP address we never used before to protect your account from being detected by Blizzard for account sharing.

FREE Live Streaming

If you are still worried after all, we are willing to stream the whole progress for free from the moment we sign in to your account until the completion of your boost. This way you can monitor every action done on your account and you can even have it recorded for learning purposes.

Time Guarantee

We guarantee to finish your boost within 7 days from the day you placed your order. Most of our orders are completed within 1 to 2 days, but in some cases it might take a bit longer since it depends on the availability of our boosters and the amount of orders we have.

Chat with your booster

You can chat directly with the booster who work with you and ask him any questions you might have. You can learn a lot from our boosters and they can give you some tips and guidance to improve and become a better Overwatch 2 player.

Full Privacy and Discretion

We won’t message any of your friends or reply to them. We won’t tell anyone you got boosted by us. We will appear offline if you would like us to do so and we won’t open your lootboxes. You can be sure that your privacy is safe with us.

Frequently asked questions

There are two types of Overwatch boosting, solo queue and duo queue. For solo queue boosts you will have to share your account login information with us and our top500 boosters will play on your account and will get you to your desired skill rating. Duo queue boosts are different and in this option you will be the one who play on your account, but you will group with our boosters who will carry your games until you reach your desired skill rating. The duo queue option will cost more, but with this option you won’t have to share your account login information.

Please go to our Overwatch 2 Boosting calculator and calculate your price.

Yes of course you can. This option is called Duo queue boosting.

Yes of course. We are offering free live streaming so if you want to watch the stream you can just ask our booster to stream it for you privately.

We will never open your lootboxes or buy anything with your account. We have no reason to do such thing. The only reason we use your account is to deliver your order.