Why Free Overwatch Boosting Is Something You Should Avoid

Many players are looking for free Overwatch boosting services online, hoping they will find someone who’s so generous and will get them to their desired rank quickly and effectively without paying a penny for it. There are actually many forums and discord servers where in some circumstances they will be doing this for free, but the thing is that in most cases it won’t end in a good experience and I will explain you why.

The first thing you should think about is why someone would do this for you for free. We will break this down to you to five reasons we can think about:

1) They just bought a new cheat or maybe they’re cheat developers themselves and they’re simply looking for an account where they can test their cheats on. This will obviously get your account a lifetime ban and no matter how much you will be begging to Blizzard to remove the ban, it will remain permanently banned even if you weren’t the one who used the cheats on the account. Does it worth it? I don’t think so!

2) They are just scammers and they will be trying to take over your battle.net account. Although in most cases you can recover your account through Blizzard customer support, it’s still an unpleasant experience. Also sometimes you might have other games on your battle.net account where you can trade virtual items and if you give them an access to your account they will be able to steal these items from you.

3) They are actually legit and they are just bored and want to play in low ranks.

4) They are high ranked and they just want to be able to play with their friends.

5) They are Overwatch boosters and they have a client who purchased a duo queue boost, so they need an account around his skill level to be able to play with him.

So basically these are usually the five reasons why some random people will offer you free Overwatch Boosting. Reasons 3, 4, 5 might be legitimate reasons to boost your account for free, but you never know if their real reason is either 1 or 2.

So now you might tell yourself: “okay, but it can also happen with paid Overwatch Boosting services” – The answer is yes and no and I will explain myself below.

Yes you can actually encounter scammers and cheaters who might also charge you for their “service” and will just run away with your account and your money, but it will most likely not happen because these guys are just looking for an account as quick as possible and offering it as a paid service will lower their chances to find someone.

No because paid services like us can actually prove you they’re legitimate and safe. Here are some pointers why it’s safe to use our services:

  • We will provide you reviews and feedbacks from hundreds of our satisfied customers who already used our services.
  • We can offer you a private live stream where we will be streaming our desktop from the moment we login to your battle.net account until the moment we finish your boost, so it means that you can see everything that we will be doing on your account.
  • If you want to see our previous works then we can provide you upon request past streams and replays from previous boosts we had (only if the customers allowed us to share this).
  • We put money, time and efforts to create this website to promote our services – it makes no sense that we made all this just to scam people instead of actually providing a service. It wouldn’t worth it.
  • We’re offering duo queue boosting where you don’t have to share your account information, it will cost more – but it’s also an option we’re offering (If we’re scammers, why would we offer this then?).
  • We use secure payment methods like Paypal where you can create a dispute and get your money back in case you got scammed (But hey! Don’t worry 🙂 , everything will be alright).

We hope these pointers made some difference to you. So the next time you see some free Overwatch boosting offers online, think again if it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s worth to put some money and hire experienced Overwatch boosters who will get the job done quickly instead of worrying about your account with free boosting offers.

If we convinced you that our service is more professional than others, you can check our Overwatch Boosting price calculator and get your professional boost today!